Receptive Member and Tour Operator Familiarization Tour Funding Program

As part of a “promotional partnership” with the Alliance, ARF-Québec has an annual budget to help fund ground transportation and accommodation during familiarization tours for its members from international markets. This amount varies annually.

The modalities for awarding this aid are as follows, for 2019.

  • ARF-Québec may pay a maximum amount of $4,000 + taxes, per receptive, for a first tour.

  • The amount granted by ARF-Québec may apply to ground transportation to destination (bus or car rental), and accommodation up to a maximum of $115 + taxes in region or $150 + taxes in city.

  • Important: The amount granted may not exceed 50% of the total cost of the tour in Quebec, including all fees and the value of complimentary services obtained, excluding air travel.

  • Only 1 tour is funded per member annually. In the event of a discretionary budget, the excess amount may be allocated among members who have applied for a second round, provided that the tour targets the same market, for another season or another market the member invoices ARF-Québec for the amount awarded, with a copy in support of the carrier’s invoice and accommodation

  • To be eligible, the member must submit the tour application within the prescribed time limits and return the tour report and the equivalency table requested by ARF-Québec and the Alliance, including the program and the list of participants.

  • A tour management fee of 15% will be charged to ARF-Québec members. This % is voted by the board of directors and can be changed annually, depending on ARF-Québec financial status

To participate, please complete the following survey at https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/7XB9K35

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