About us

About ARF-Québec

Our Mission

"To bring together travel agencies and receptive tour operators from Quebec, that specialize in trips within Quebec, for clients who reside both inside and outiside of Quebec. We also want to raise awareness amongst our clients, the government, and our partners, on the importance of their strategic and economic roles in helping their members increase the quality of the services they provide, to increase their client base, and maximize their profitability"

Out Story

For 10 years ARF-Québec has been working closely with its members to promote the tourism industry and increase the expertise of our members; helping develop comprehensive programs with a wide range of benefits and up-to-date services.

The Receptive Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Association of Quebec (ARF-Québec) was founded on April 11th, 2008 after consulting with several stakeholders in the tourism industry.

ARF-Québec aims to have the unique expertise of its members and agencies be recognized for the variety of packages they offer in Quebec, and to emphasize the importance of their positive economic impact.

Over the years, ARF-Québec has defended and promoted the value of tourism in general, and its members in particular, through a number of key events as summarized in the following video, which traces the association’s 10-year history.


A bright future for ARF-Québec, making its voice heard for 10 years!


Our Objectives

  • To raise awareness, emphasize the importance of, and encourage governmental support on the challenges faced by travel agencies .
  • Encourage support from other tourism stakeholders in the tourism industry.
  • Recruit as many regular members (agencies) and associate members (suppliers to the Quebec tourism industry) as possible, in order to create avenues for dialogue and to generate fruitful collaborations within the Quebec tourism industry.
  • Increase professionalism amongst its members and for the products they offer, by developing a certification of quality for these agencies and their services.
  • Participate in impactful national and international promotional activities in collaboration with regional and national tourism organizations.
  • Promote members and their product for international operators as well as local customers, on various platforms.
  • Produce an economic impact study on its members' business activities.
  • Actively collaborate with any platform that wants to develop or offer Quebec packages.
  • Ensure that travel agents are following the law.
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