Working committees

Copy - Working Committees

In order to advance our sector issues, ARF-Québec invites members to join its working committees: Marketing and Sales Advising , Workforce and Training, Technology Issues and Financing. Your expertise and willingness to move our sector forward is paramount. Notice to stakeholders! Contact if you wish to be nominated. A member may delegate another head on this committee if desired.


1. Marketing and Sales Advising Committee 

Objective : 

Propose actions to the Alliance and Destination Canada so that the network and its members are part of the recovery, both within Canada and internationally. 

  • Intra Québec 
  • Intra Canada 
    • Work with DC to develop an intra-Canada marketing campaign or offer from our B2C receptives and tour operators (road trip campaign, F.I.T.)
  • International 
    • Conduct a DC and Receptive-funded pilot project – Winter Sales Challenge for all of our B2B, multi-market receptive customers, where the best sellers win a trip to Canada for the winter of 2020-21, among the products in the receptive brochure (F.I.T. and/ or group)

Actual committee composition :

  • Véronique Kerjean - JPDL
  • Chantal Cardinal - Atlific
  • Alexandre Caron - Station mont Tremblant
  • Carl Saulnier - Global Tourisme
  • Isabelle Pécheux - Passion Terre 
  • Robert Lancup - Office Tourisme Quebec
  • Fabienne Herve - Tourisme Laurentides
  • Sophie Gautherot - Jonview
  • Bernard Malette - Altaï Canada Tours 
  • Caroline Lavoie - Toundra Voyages
  • Jason Lehoux - Authentik Canada
  • Jacinthe Doucet - Tourisme Mauricie
  • Michèle Lord - Prometour 
  • Monica Orr - Tourisme Montréal  
  • Ariane Bérubé - Hôtels Accents 
  • Marc-André Plouffe - Explore Québec 
  • Camille Castonguay - ARF-Québec 

Ideal Committee Composition – 1-year term

  • 5 specialized receptives in the following markets: French-speaking Europe (1), Germany and/or the United Kingdom (1), Mexico and Hispanic markets (1), the United States and Canada – School market (1), Asian market (1). There must be at least one acting receptive in B2C.
  • 1 ATR Gateway, 1 Regional ATR, 2 ATS
  • 1 hotelier, 1 major attraction

2. Committee on Workforce, Training and Valorization of the Profession

To propose an annual action and communication plan to enhance the sector and its business lines

  • Inventory to be updated with the CQRHT
  • Carry out the sectoral study on skills of the future and labour needs with the CQRHT (study in progress stopped because of Covid-19)
  • Implement the sector and its business lines valuation strategy
    • Create a valuation document on the different trades within receptive companies and tour operators, including a member survey on all trades available within receptive agencies and tour operators
    • Ensure transmission and registration for online training on the network at all educational institutions
    • Improve collaboration through better communication and sharing

Actual committee composition - TO BE CONFIRMED :

  • Hector Teigeiro, President / Canadian Receptive Tours - Component: shortage and valorization of the guiding profession
  • Daniel Roch, Administrator / Corporation des guides accompagnateurs du Québec (CGAQ) - Component: shortage and valorization of the guiding profession
  • Isabelle Girard, Executive Director / Conseil québécois des ressources humaines en tourisme (CQRHT) – Timely Participation
  • Yoann Ronsin, President / Sentiers Privés
  • Mathieu Bergeron, Tourism department coordinator/ Cegep Saint-Félicien

Ideal Committee Composition – 1-year term

  • 2 receptive tour operator and 1 tour operator
    • Hector Teigeiro of Canadian receptive Tours - Shortage and promotion of the guide trade
  • Corporation des guides accompagnateurs du Québec (CGAQ)
    • Daniel Roch - Administrator

3. Technology Issues and Funding Committee

Stimulate and support the technological and digital innovation of our members

  • Carry out a mandate to analyze the digital and technological needs of companies in the sector with the firm Poudre noire
  • Adapting the MEI Audit 4.0 program to the travel sector - First steps
  • Ensure sector eligibility for digital and technology funding programs or develop a new sector support program

Actual committee composition - TO BE CONFIRMED:

  • Sébastien Letailleur / Prometour
  • Étienne Morissette / Omnitour
  • Martin Houde / CanadaXperience
  • Jean-Christophe Viard / Toundra Voyages

Ideal Committee Composition – 1-year term

  • 2 receptives
  • 1 ATR gateway
  • 1 ATS in accommodation
  • MTO

4. Health sector committee

Objective :
mplement the health safety plan (COVID-19) of the tourism industry for our sector

Actual committee composition:

  • Claudia Boissonneault / Groupe Tourcar 
  • Claude St-Pierre / Tours Chanteclerc
  • Jason Lehoux / Authentik Canada
  • Annie Joyal / Jonview Canada 


5. Group Tourism Recovery Committee  

Objective :

  • Ensuring the succession and recovery of group tourism through the development of appropriate aid measures
  • Conduct a pan-Canadian survey on the impact of group tourism
  • Develop an Explore Québec-style coach tourism program

Actual committee composition:

  • Claudia Boissonneault / Groupe Tourcar 
  • Claude St-Pierre / Tours Chanteclerc
  • Jason Lehoux / Authentik Canada
  • Annie Joyal / Jonview Canada 


6.Continuing Education Program Committee - LOOKING FOR CANDIDATES  

Objective :
Proposer annuellement un plan de formation continue, tant pour les AT, les fournisseurs que les réceptifs et voyagistes

  • Provide ongoing training plan annually for AT, suppliers, receptives and tour operators
  • Define training content for all partners and the network and ensure that they adhere to PACME
  • Validate field and online training tools and formulas to be prioritized
  • Review the concept of regional training caravan
  • Define content for “Virtual Periodic Meetings” with receptives and Tour Operators


7.School and Educational Tourism Committee - LOOKING FOR CANDIDATES   

Promoting school tourism with a sectoral statistical portrait and a training programme

  • Develop, in collaboration with an external firm, the content of a statistical survey on the economic portrait of this clientele for Quebec and in 2nd place for Canada
  • Defining the content of an initial training in school tourism
  • Establish the basis for an Explore Québec-type program for Québec schools, in partnership with TAQ, AEQ and FPQ

Composition actuelle du comité :

  • Benoit Gilbert - Plaines d'Abraham 
  • Bernard Malette - Altaï Canada 
  • Claudia Boissonneault - Tour Car
  • Caroline Lavoie - Toundra Voyages 
  • Valérie Pouliot - Global Tourisme
  • Étienne Morissette - Omnitour 
  • Andréanne Proulx - Tourisme Laval 
  • Marilyn Désy - ARF-Québec