We Were There

Workshop on the valorisation of tourism professions

«Together towards tourism training to meet the needs of the industry»

Participation of Tourisme Laurentides in our training on the distribution network

On April 24, ARF-Québec conducted training on the distribution network at Tourisme Laurentides offices with some 20 businesses.

Alliance, Érus-diners

As part of the Erus-Dîners organized by the Alliance, ARF-Québec gave a conference on the distribution network.

Training at the Ministry of Tourism

On February 28, ARF-Québec provided training to tourism development advisors of the Ministry of Tourism’s Assistant Business Relations Division (ABRD) to demystify the entire distribution network.


Presentation on the distribution network to the Quebec Tourism Office

On February 27, ARF-Québec conducted training on the distribution network at the Quebec City tourism office (OTQ) with some 20 companies.

Canadian Winter Tourism Parliamentary Caucus

On December 7, ARF-Québec along with the Alliance participated in a ministerial caucus on winter tourism solicited by TIAC. Senators, ministers and members of Parliament were present. The objectives: to present the potential for winter tourism in Quebec, as well as the strongest products, the issues, challenges and possible solutions. Thanks to Jacinthe Doucet, Christophe Gorloer, Andrée Boivert and Véronique Kerjean for their shared expertise and to Hector Teigeiro for his presence at the caucus. You cans consult the presentation.

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