Financial Coaching Program for Receptive and Tour Operators

Financial support programme for our companies

Since 2017 and up to March 31, 2020, if you are a receptive tour operator or a travel agency demonstrating significant development potential OR a leader, you can be financially supported by ARF-Québec under the Programme d'accompagnement aux entreprises of the Ministry of Tourism (MTO).
This program is meant to offer "special support" to businesses for the development and improvement of their performance and for the adoption of best business practices.  This support may include:

  • Providing personalized service to diagnose and develop a personalized intervention plan for accelerated business growth;
  • Acting as an intermediary with regional and government partners for different business needs;
  • Connecting the business leader with consultants or mentors and suggest appropriate training;
  • Supporting companies in their funding search phase;
  • Prioritizing companies selected during missions abroad;
  • Any other action aimed at developing the full growth potential of these tourism businesses.
  • Providing participation in networking events, training workshops, or privileged access to ATS activities.

To be eligible, you must be a member, have completed the survey on your statistics, markets and clienteles and complete the attached form as well as your business profile so that we can confirm whether you are a business “leader” or “with significant development potential” and if you are eligible.

In 2019, we offer to pay up to 50% of the bill for accompanying services, for a maximum service contract of $3,000 + taxes.

Our budget being limited, no forms will be accepted after June 22, 2019.
You must have renewed your 2019-2020 membership by June 22.
And you must have a valid OPC license.

The member businesses being currently accompanied are: Authentik Canada, Global Tourisme International, GVQ Canada, Jonview Canada, Misa Tours, Prometour, Omnitour, Les aventures Makwa, Sentiers Privés, Voyage Tours Étudiant / Voyages Club Sélect, JPDL / Vitamine C.

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