Membership - Regular Member

3 new membership levels: Bronze ($600), Silver ($900) and Gold ($1200)

Starting this year, your annual membership fee will no longer be based on the size of your business. You will now have the opportunity to choose the type of services you want annually, based on your business model and your changing and evolving business needs!

Contribution levels according to your needs 

The different levels, Bronze ($600), Silver ($900) and Gold ($1200), offer you a multitude of strategic and financial advantages in terms of :

  • Networking and events;
  • Promotion and marketing;
  • Business development and manpower;
  • Strategic knowledge.

You will always have the opportunity to modify your membership the following year according to your needs and your business development vision that we know is constantly evolving.

Requirements to become a regular member

  • Be a tour operator, wholesaler or receptive of Quebec products for resale within or outside Quebec;
  • Hold a travel agent’s permit depending on the state or province in which the company is based, as well as a Transportation Intermediary Number (TIN) for businesses renting buses. 
  • Comply and submit: 
  • Inform the ARF-Québec, without delay, of any change in its status and of any fact or circumstance that may affect the conditions of its membership in the association;
  • Willingness to receive promotional emails, news releases, newsletters and invitations to various RTA activities;
  • Complete an annual survey (statistics, contracts, clientele and products) under strict confidentiality agreement;
  • Pay the annual membership fee as determined by the Board of Directors within the required time.