Entreprise «Certifié ARF-Québec »

Do you want to better understand the distribution network and increase your sales in Quebec and abroad?

The online training on distribution network "Maximize your sales in Quebec and internationally with tour operators and receptives" is for you.

Through interactive activities, expert advice and videos, this dynamic online training course, entirely focused on  the tourism industry requirements, aims to equip you to:

  • Maximize your marketing based on customer needs;
  • Choose the best intermediary(s) agent(s) for your product;
  • Create a price scale based on the distribution network;
  • Take advantage of the services provided by tourism associations to succeed in your marketing activities

Cost of registration

  • $150 + taxes, including 2 accesses per business
  • If you are a member of an ATR or STA, you could benefit from a discount of $25 to $50! Contact us at to enquire on your eligibility.
  • $44.99 + taxes for 1 access for businesses that have participated in Bienvenue Québec or Rendez-Vous Canada at least 5 times in the past 10 years OR that worked for over 3 years with at least 2 ARF-Quebec receptive members.

ARF-Quebec certification

The "Certification ARF-Québec" inspires trust to all receptors and tour operators who wish to do business with you as it confirms your knowledge of the distribution network as well as of its needs and expectations.

  • This accreditation is granted once the exam has been passed following the training "Maximize your sales in Quebec and internationally with tour operators and receptives".
  • It provides the following benefits:
    • All accredited companies will also be listed in a catalogue and promoted on the ARF-Québec website
    • Special events to which all accredited companies, members and non-members, will be invited for a half-day training and networking with receptives and tour operators! Date and details given for each event
A business meeting not to be missed for all accredited  and "Certified ARF-Quebec" businesses. - Complete the training as quickly as possible!