Membership - Supplier Member (accommodation, attraction, service, catering, transport)

Annual Membership Fees

  • From 250 to 700$ + taxes

  • 10% discount for a 2-year membership

  • Additional $200 fee for businesses outside Quebec

Benefits, visibility and services provided

For over 10 years, ARF-Québec has been working to promote the tourism sector and your expertise by developing a comprehensive program of evolving benefits and services for its members.

Networking Events

  • Conference and Annual General Meeting including training component, networking, round table, cocktail for «Certified-ARF-Québec» businesses.

Promotion and marketing

  • Complete media kit, to help position you and promote your business nationally or internationally, in B2B or B2C

Support and professionalization of the workforce

  • Training program and consulting services offered by our business partners for our members (specialized software, human resources, sales, marketing, accounting, insurance, etc.)

  • Free online training on the distribution network "Maximize your sales in Quebec and internationally with tour operators and receptives", including two accesses per business

    • Original value of $150 - $50 discount for additional access

  • Training and Product Evaluation Caravan – Receptives and tour operators are invited to the regions to train suppliers on their needs, markets and customers, including site visits

ARF-Québec Certified Label

  • The ARF-Québec Certified seal is a guarantee of trust for all receptives and tour operators who wish to do business with you, as it confirms your knowledge of the distribution network, its needs and expectations.

  • This accreditation is granted once the exam has been passed following the training "Maximize your sales in Quebec and internationally with tour operators and receptives".

  • It provides the following benefits:

    • All accredited companies will also be listed in a catalogue and promoted on the ARF-Québec website

    • Complimentary booth for participation in the ARF-Québec Certified Business Networking Cocktail when registering for the AGM or Annual Conference

Strategic Knowledge Transfer and Intelligence

Access to market and sectoral studies


Requirements to become a Supplier Member

  • To be a supplier of tourist goods and services to Regular Members (accommodation, attractions, tourist service, transport service, catering, etc.).

  • Respect and comply with the Regulations and Code of Ethics.