Membership - Supplier Member (accommodation, attraction, service, catering, transport)

Annual Membership Fee - $250 + taxes

  • Standardized rate for all supplier types 
  • 10% discount for a 2-year membership
  • $100 supplement for businesses outside Quebec
  • OTHER: Training Program - $99 + taxes, see bottom of this page

Benefits, Visibility and Services Offered - Staying Active and Connected to the Distribution Network 

Since 2008, ARF-Québec has been working to enhance the tourism sector and your expertise by developing a comprehensive program of benefits and services for its members.

Discounted access to events and networking events 

  • Annual Conference 
  • Annual general meeting including a training, networking and visibility component for Certified-ARF-Québec companies.
  • Mini-scholarship in nature and adventure
  • Right to vote 
  • Committee participation (labour, funding and technology, marketing)

Promotion and marketing assistance

  • Complete media kit, to position you and promote your company nationally or internationally, in B2B or B2C

Support and professionalization of the workforce

  • Unlimited access to the online training on the distribution network "Maximize your sales in Quebec and abroad with tour operators and receptives"
    • Initial value of $150
  • Unlimited access to other training (sustainable tourism) 
  • Regular virtual touchpoints with receptives and tour operators 
  • Training program and consulting services offered by our business partners (specialized software, human resources, sales, marketing, accounting, insurance, etc.)

Use of the «ARF-Québec Certified» Label

  • Accreditation is granted once the exam passes the training "Maximize your sales in Quebec and internationally with tour operators and receptives".
  • The "ARF-Québec Certified" accreditation is a guarantee of confidence for all receptives and tour operators who wish to do business with you, confirming your knowledge of the distribution network, its needs and expectations.
  • All accredited companies will also be listed in a catalogue and promoted on the ARF-Québec website
  • Participation of “ARF-Québec Certified” companies in a networking event at the AGM or annual conference.

Strategic Knowledge Monitoring and Transfer

  • Access to market and sectoral studies

Requirements to become a Supplier Member

  • Be a provider of tourism goods and services to Regular Members (accommodation, attraction, tourism service, transportation service, catering, etc.).
  • Comply with and comply with the General Regulations and the ARF-Québec Code of Ethics;
  • Inform the ARF-Québec, without delay, of any change in its status and of any fact or circumstance that may affect the conditions of its membership in the association;
  • Willingness to receive promotional emails, news releases, newsletters and invitations to various RTA activities;
  • Pay the annual membership fee as determined by the Board of Directors within the required time.


OTHER: Training Program 

Membership fee - $99 + taxes (renewable annually)

As a provider, you also have the option of not becoming a member and using only our Training Program to better work with the distribution network!

This rate gives you 2 accesses for 2 online trainings:

1. Distribution Network Training: “Maximize your sales in Quebec and internationally with tour operators and receptives”.

Do you want to better understand the distribution network in order to increase your sales in Quebec and abroad? The online distribution network training is for you. Through interactive activities, advice and expert videos, this dynamic online training, focused on the needs of the tourism industry, aims to equip you to:

  • Maximize your marketing to your clientele;
  • Choose the best intermediary(s) for your product;
  • Create a price scale according to the distribution network;
  • Take advantage of the services provided by tourism associations to succeed in marketing.

A video that explains everything, click here - available in French only! 

2. Sustainable Tourism Training

In addition, please contact us if you would like more access; any additional access is at a cost of $25 + taxes.

Businesses outside Quebec: a mandatory surcharge of $100 will be added to your bill