Membership - Association Member (DMO and STA)


Annual Membership Fees

  • Basic fee: $300 + taxes and commitment to purchase a minimum $300 continuing education program + taxes

  • 10% discount for a 2-year membership

  • Additional $100 fee for businesses outside Quebec

Benefits, visibility and services provided - To stay active and connected to the distribution network

For over 10 years, ARF-Québec has been working to promote the tourism sector and your expertise by developing a comprehensive program of evolving benefits and services for its members.

Networking Events with discounts 

  • Annual Conference

  • Annual General Meeting including training component, networking, round table, cocktail for «Certified-ARF-Québec» businesses

  • Right to vote

  • Participation in one of the committees

Promotion and marketing

  • Complete media kit, to help position you and promote your business nationally or internationally, in B2B or B2C

Support and professionalization of the workforce


  • Continuing education program giving you 4 accesses to train your members and 2 accesses to train your employees on the distribution network with our online training on the distribution network "Maximize your sales in Quebec and internationally with tour operators and receptives", including two accesses per business

    • Possibility to add extra accesses in batch of 4 to get the perfect formation plan for your members and use the label ARF-Québec Certified Label. The cost for a package of 4 accesses is 200 $ (Original value of $150 per access)

    • You will have access to an other training (to come) 

  • Training and Product Evaluation Caravan – Receptives and tour operators are invited to the regions to train suppliers on their needs, markets and customers, including site visits

  • Online meetings with tour operators and receptives 

  • Training program and consulting services offered by our business partners for our members (specialized software, human resources, sales, marketing, accounting, insurance, etc.)

ARF-Québec Certified Label

  • The accreditation is granted once the exam has been passed following the training "Maximize your sales in Quebec and internationally with tour operators and receptives".
    The ARF-Québec Certified seal is a guarantee of trust for all receptives and tour operators who wish to do business with you, as it confirms your knowledge of the distribution network, its needs and expectations.

  • All accredited companies will also be listed in a catalogue and promoted on the ARF-Québec website


Strategic Knowledge Transfer and Intelligence

  • Access to market and sectoral studies
  • Complimentary booth for participation in the ARF-Québec Certified Business Networking Cocktail when registering for the AGM or Annual Conference


Requirements to become an Association Member

  • Carry out tourism activities in Quebec as a sectoral or regional or local tourism association (DMO, STA, local tourist office, settlement management companies or clusters of multi-regional or multi-sectoral attractions and accommodations).

  • Annualy complete a marketing profile that will be given to all receptive members and tour operators exclusively.

  • Annually promote with members the various training courses and webinars offered by ARF-Québec on the distribution network, markets and clients.

  • Respect and comply the Regulations and Code of Ethics.