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First Nations of Québec - Pow Wow 2019 Special

This itinerary was created in partnership with Québec's Indigenous communities. It is an ideal family excursion for a truly authentic journey of discovery into the culture of Indigenous peoples.  You will spend several nights in a teepee or a tent. As such, comfort is not a top criterion in choosing this package. You will experience the real nature of Canada, explained by the people who know it best: the Atikamekw, Montagnais and Huron First Nations, who are pleased to share their story with you.

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Winter Wonderland

Take advantage of Québec's winter carnival festivities to discovers the delights of winter in Québec!

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Seaplane country!

Travel by seaplane from Montréal to Québec City by way of the Mauricie region, and enjoy exclusive activities that can be reached only by this mode of travel!

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Colourful Canada

An ideal 7-day e-bicycle tour to view the lovely Fall foliage.

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Finding Yourself in Nature

Québec has multiple faces and facets, an infinite palette of sensations and emotions. In the land of Indigenous wisdom and ancestral traditions, it is possible to find your essence. In contact with the forest and living elements, let us be in the moment!

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Canada in a RV

Pick an adventure as a couple, with the family or friends, and discover the delights of travelling with a RV in Québec for 15 days. From Montréal, set out to see the province's wide-open spaces, forests, lakes and rivers, and iconic natural destinations as the Mauricie, the fjord du Saquenay and the Charlevoix region.

Local tour with small group

Yes, you can visit a destination with a small group and enjoy the freedom to do your own thing! We have so much to offer on this tour: thrills and awe, history, geography and culture. You will enjoy opportunities to try new activities that bring you closer to nature, regardless of your fitness level. You will be encouraged to taste an array of regional specialties and meet local producers and makers. And you will sleep in superior-category, always-charming accommodations.

Winter Urban gateway

Come winter, Quebeker’s are outdoors in full force with panache and passion. Sakting, sliding, hanging out at an ice bar, and participating in igloo-building competitions are just some of the many activities that mark the season with precious memories.

Quebec winter outdoors

The exotcism of a Quebec winter outdoors in an exclusive EcoResort. Dog sledding, snowmobile, fatbike are some actvites that you can enjoy in Mauricie region. The urban charms of Montreal and the numerous shopping opportunites…

The magnificent and underexplored Côte-Nord

14 NIGHTS / 15 DAYS Montréal / Montréal (YUL / YUL) - Flexible coach tours

Splendid nature of Quebec

Be charmed by Québec's diversity and romanticism with this itinerary, which combines the exciting pace of urban touring with the natural beauty of provincial parks set amidst tranquil waterways. From cosmopolitan Montréal and heritage-rich Québec City to the scenic coastal routes of Gaspésie, you’ll find yourself immersed in a unique and beautiful province where cultures meet and enchantment abounds in its attractions, attitude and all-season appeal.

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Québec and its wide-open spaces

You have a two-week vacation and want to spend it in Québec? We recommend the Great Eastern Québec Tour, which includes a stay at an outfitter's, the sights in the tourist regions of Mauricie, Lac St-Jean, Tadoussac and Charlevoix, and of course Québec City with its charming old town, a UNESCO heritage site.

The Explorers' Route

An itinerary that takes you off the beaten paths through the Laurentians, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, and Outaouais regions. Discovery of a vast and lesser-known part of Québec. A young region of forests and mines. Overnight in ready-to-camp mode at Parc national d’Aiguebelle.

Fall colours of Ontario and Quebec

The colours of autumn burst from every bough, creating a kaleidoscope of hues in a dazzling display that acts as a dramatic backdrop to an adventurous journey through Ontario and Quebec. Beginning in Toronto, the route quickly travels into the vibrant forests of St. Lawrence valley to activityrich resorts, historic cities of limestone and colonial architecture and wide canals dotted with fallen, multi-coloured leaves. A cruise of the 1000 Islands maximizes views of the fall colours as they reflect in the tranquil waters and vistas from the mountaintops of Quebec bathe the horizon in hues of every shade.  A truly unique spectacle to behold for both casual outdoor enthusiasts and artists at heart

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La Belle Province and its wide-open spaces

You have two weeks off for a holiday in Québec! We recommend our grand tour of eastern Québec, which includes a stay at an outfitter's, sightseeing in Mauricie, Lac St-Jean, Tadoussac and Charlevoix, and of course the discovery of beautiful Québec City and its old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Eco-friendly escapades in La Belle Province

Eco-friendly escapades in La Belle Province 16 DAYS / 15 NIGHTS

Winter in Sacacomie

Overlooking the Sacacomie Lake, the resort bearing the same name is a unique remote luxury lodge like few to be found across Canada. Located in pristine winter wilderness enjoy the fun and excitement of winter activities with comfort and richness of this log built resort. Enjoy snowmobiling, dogsledding snowshoeing and especially relaxing in Sacacomie’s spa. Vancouver!

Into the heart of La Belle Province!

Discover Québec through visits to its capital and its metropolis. An introduction to a beautiful, must-see Canadian province.

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Unusual Québec without car

Quebec has a thousand and one faces, an infinite range of colours and emotions. In the land of indigenous wisdom and ancestral traditions, let’s get back to basics! In contact with the forest and the living elements, let us live in the moment!

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Quebec : Earth of spirituality

Voyages Inter-Missions invites you to experience your Christian spirituality in North America. 350 years of the history of religion take place on the road to the discovery of Quebec at the crossroads between Native American spirituality and the Christian faith. This path will make you discover the great sanctuaries but also the charming small chapels located along the banks of the St Laurent or well nestled on the edge of a lake with the mileu of the forest. We invite you to take the road of missionaries, true explorers of the great outdoors as they meet with First Nations peoples. You will go out to meet Quebeckers, experience Aboriginal traditions and share with religious communities. Nature, spirituality, history, exploration, a blend conducive to recollection, to serenity and sharing.



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On the way to Quebec's great sanctuaries

Spiritours vous invite à découvrir le patrimoine religieux et culturel québécois, les grands espaces naturels, l’héritage de sainteté et les trésors spirituels de cette terre de mission qu’est la Nouvelle-France! Découvrez avec ce circuit de 8 jours les plus beaux sanctuaires de la province. Avec les canonisations de frère André (2010), Kateri Tekakwitha (2012), Mgr François de Laval et Marie de l’Incarnation (2014) et sa porte sainte, le Québec se démarque de plus en plus comme destination de pèlerinage.

Canadian rail fantasy


Multi-Activités Sélect

Multi-Activités Sélect